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Hamburg Journal

Introduced in 2003, Hamburg Journal is a free monthly magazine devoted specifically to the residents and businesses of Southeast Lexington’s fastest growing area, Hamburg Place. Over 8,000 issues of the Hamburg Journal are mailed directly to homeowners in the 40509 zip code. An additional 7,000 issues are made available to the public, free of charge, at conveniently located distribution points in and around the area. Readers of “The Journal”, as it’s affectionately known, will find in its pages a wealth of information concerning business growth and development, health-related topics, new business updates, and the many advertisers displaying their products and information. So pick up a copy soon. You won’t be disappointed!

Quick Facts

Circulation: 15,000
Frequency: Monthly
Material: Newspaper
Subscription: Free
Distribution: Lexington, KY
Reach: 40509 Zip Code