Part of a county-wide preparedness effort, Lexington’s Division of Emergency Management and other public safety departments are conducting a disaster exercise at Jacobson Park.

Jacobson Park: pond with paddle boatsThe exercise will take place on Wednesday, September 18 beginning at 8:30 am and will last until 2 pm. During this time the park will be closed to the public. For those that live near the park or travel past it, give yourself extra time because there will be more traffic that morning.

“This year’s exercise is especially important,” said Dugger. “With chemical agent neutralization processing underway in Richmond, we want to make sure that we’re ready for a chemical agent emergency or any other emergency that could affect Fayette County residents.”

This exercise is part of a ten-county Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) activity and will simulate an accident involving chemical agents stored at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, KY.

iron sign that says Jacobson Park“We conduct trainings and smaller exercises throughout the year, but this annual exercise gives all of the parties involved in CSEPP a chance to work together and test the various response actions that would be used if there was a real emergency,” said Patricia Dugger, Director of Lexington Emergency Management. “We will have more than one hundred Lexington public safety staff involved in this exercise as well as members of social service and health care agencies.”

For more information about the CSEPP program, click here.



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