A foundation has recently donated a large amount to the Fayette County Public Schools and Lexington Public Library. What organization? How much?

Fayette County Public Schools: group of adults and kids holding up big checksThe PNC Foundation is awarding a $100,000 grant to Fayette County Public Schools, and a $50,000 grant to the Lexington Public Library to support preschool learners with community-based educational experiences for families with young children or professional learning and skill development for current or future early childhood educators.

“Empowering society’s youngest minds is the best investment a bank can make,” John Gohmann, PNC regional president, said during the news conference at the Hamburg Library branch.

The Lexington Public Library’s Destination Kindergarten, which launched this year, will benefit from PNC’s gift. “The initiative will make it fun for children to learn as they read, talk, play, write, and sing their way to kindergarten readiness,” said Heather Dieffenbach, the library’s acting executive director.

FCPS will use the grant money to expand its First5Lex – Read, Talk & Play from Cradle to Kindergarten program, which gives families and caregivers access to information about early learning and connects them to fun, stimulating, age-appropriate activities that will support their young children’s development.




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