It’s true, you might have to tell your mother-in-law wishing to visit that the guest room is taken. But what better way to fill it than with a litter of furry, temporary house guests? Bundles of joy that play and sleep (and sleep and play) and thrive on your care and attention for a brief period of time, allowing you to go back to your regular routine when you’re ready for a pet-free break!

If you love pets but aren’t quite ready for the commitment that comes with owning a new pet, then why not become a foster parent with the Lexington Humane Society (LHS)? Whether you’re new to LHS or have been one of their longtime supporters, you can help save lives by temporarily opening your home to a litter of kittens or puppies, or maybe an adult cat or dog recovering from illness or surgery. Even taking on just one foster project—one adult animal, one litter, one mom with babies—makes the world of a difference in the lives of many. There’s no obligation to take on repeated projects; you can simply say “one and done” and know you’ve done your part and helped save lives!

Kitten season is here and LHS is seeking new feline foster parents to help during these busy months, a time when homeless pet intake skyrockets and their needs are the greatest. In the past year, over 700 lives were saved thanks to their foster care program, and they’re looking to expand on this success to save even more. All they need is your time and a little space in your home to help fur-babies (4-8 weeks of age) stay healthy and grow big and strong. If young babies aren’t your cup of tea, they also always need foster parents to help adult pets in need of socialization or extra time to recuperate from a treatment.

And while “one and done” is all they ask, if you enjoy the experience and wish to foster more animals for LHS, that’s great news too and means more lives saved! Got kids Fostering animals is also a great way to help teach kids about compassion and responsibility. Your “one and done” foster project not only saves animal lives but enriches the lives of family members and all who meet your foster baby(ies).

LHS provides everything you will need: food, a starter kit, carrier or crate, vaccinations and regular check-ups. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is! Visit to get started. “One and done” may not sound like much, but it truly saves the lives of many!