KCFA elects Tom Hourigan 2018 President

Tom Hourigan, President & CEO of First Financial Credit of Lexington, has been elected the 2018 President of the Kentucky Consumer Finance Association (KCFA). Mr. Hourigan has been a KCFA Advisory Board Member for the last 10 years, and President & CEO of First Financial Credit since 2003. First Financial Credit is a Forcht Group of Kentucky company and operates
 20 consumer finance offices in central and eastern Kentucky.

The KCFA has been in existence since 1933. There are 49 member companies and 9 associate member companies representing 305 individual consumer finance offices in Kentucky.

The purposes of the KCFA are to encourage the business of financing individuals and families for necessary and useful purposes at reasonable charges including interest; to encourage and maintain truthfulness in advertising; to encourage and maintain ethical practices in the conduct of such business; to bring about cooperation with state officials responsible for the enforcement and administration of laws applicable to this business; and to promote thrift and financial independence.

This article also appears on page 4 of the January 2018 printed edition of the Hamburg Journal. 

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