“Fantastical Theatricals Presents Murder on the Oriental Rug!”

by Kim Thomas

It is hard to believe that Lexington’s traveling theatre troupe, Fantastical Theatricals will celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary in September.

Drama Mama and founder Kathy Hobbs is excited to begin a new era.

Over the years they have thrilled fans of Doctor Who, The Sopranos, Golden Girls, and the list goes on and on — each show is carefully prepared by Hobbs, who knows how to charm and slay an audience herself. “Fantastical Theatricals is proud to perform Murder on the Oriental Rug to celebrate the beginning of our tenth season of producing quality interactive theatre for the Central Kentucky area.”

Hobbs is a passionate fan of live theatre, with deep roots in Lexington’s theatre community, and finds it unmatched in its ability to create a slightly different show with every performance — one that relies on the audience for energy and even an occasional opportunity for interaction.

Celebration of the troupe’s decade in show biz will begin September 4 with an Agatha Christie salute in the form of “Murder on the Oriental Rug,” at The Chop House, located at 2640 Richmond Road in Lexington for selected dates in September and October, and featuring Mary Brouse, Sasha Halvorsen, Scott Turner, Marc Roland and Kathy Hobbs.

Hamburg Journal_September 18Hobbs tells me the usual suspects are a motley crew of would-be murderers. “When half the cast of Murder on the Oriental Rug bails out, the remaining performers are stuck playing all the roles. During the first act, you’ll meet a Shakespearean actor with a drinking problem, a washed-up former child star, a bimbo with a short memory, and a hapless costumer who finds herself onstage — playing a man.”

She adds that during the “play within a play,” you’ll visit the exclusive clinic of Dr. Charles Ovary, renowned hot flash specialist who’s secretly treating a famous actress trying desperately to regain her youth. “You’ll get to know the doctor’s devoted but clueless wife, his passionate female protégé, the actress’s hunky husband, a flighty French maid, a shifty handyman, and an inspector investigating the dead body on the Oriental rug.”

Before the evening’s over, someone else will be ruthlessly murdered, and it’s up to the audience to solve the crime. Prizes will be awarded to the best answers for murderer and motive.

Hobbs is enthusiastic about the talent she brings to local stages. “Fantastical Theatricals is a traveling interactive theater, based in Lexington Kentucky. We are now celebrating our TENTH Anniversary! We specialize in murder mystery theatre, but we’re certainly not limited to just that. Extemporary performances, where there is a general plotline to follow, but the actors improvise their lines in the moment, and musical cabarets are also part of our repertoire!”

If you have the chance to catch one of these shows, get yourself to the Chop house … or else!   Fantastical Theatricals is an experience like no other – go see these ‘kids’ do what they do best: act like killers. They are quite good at it. It’s scary; but it’s not.

As the posters promise, Fantastical Theatricals have been “putting the Laughter in Manslaughter for 10 years.”

Show Dates:

September 4, 5, 18 & 19

and October 3, 9 & 14

Seating for dinner service begins at 6:30 pm. Tickets available online at For more information call 859-229-2518

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This story also appears on page 18 of the September 2015 print edition of the Hamburg Journal.