As construction continues on the memory care neighborhood apartments, Provision Living and its building partner Arco sponsored lunch and invited the local Provision Living team. The apartments are scheduled to open this spring.

In the center of “Big Blue Nation,” nothing fosters community quite like Wildcats basketball. That’s why Provision Living at Beaumont Centre is pleased to be one of the newest game-day sponsors of University of Kentucky basketball, according to a statement from the company.

“At Provision Living at Beaumont Centre, we’re committed to building a connected community in Lexington that helps seniors forge strong personal relationships with their neighbors, friends, family and caregivers. This connected community supports seniors in facing the challenges that arise when social ties fade due to life changes such as retirement, relocation and illness. And it’s through an active community that we believe we can stamp out the three plagues of loneliness, boredom and helplessness,” the statement said.

The sponsorship of Wildcat basketball, the statement said, brings the organization closer to the groundbreaking research going on at University of Kentucky.

“While we’ve yet to open our new, state-of-the-art senior community, Provision Living at Beaumont Centre is already in talks with the university’s Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, one of the nation’s premier research institutions for understanding and treating Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive impairments that can impact elders,” the statement said. “We look forward to working with Sanders-Brown as we continue to develop our model of person-directed care. At Provision Living, we recognize that cognitive memory loss is part of the aging process for many elders. Our mission is to tailor our care toward each individual experiencing this change and help them live as purposeful, happy and healthy a life as possible.”

Just as University of Kentucky wants to offer the best academics and athletics, Provision Living at Beaumont Centre wants to be the best place a senior could ever want to live in.

This story also appears on page 15 of the March 2017 edition of the Hamburg Journal.