Angela Evans, District 6 Councilmember, recently made a visit to the Sphinx Academy. What exactly is this establishment? Where is it located? Who is it geared towards?

sphinx academy: two woman standing next to each other smiling at the camera
Photo courtesy of Councilmember Angela Evans social media

The Sphinx Academy is a full-time accredited micro-school serving 8th through 12th grade students. It is located on Winchester Road by the Court Clerk’s satellite office.

Students at Sphinx Academy have individualized learning plans with a flexible schedule and work with a learning coach on a regular basis.

A micro-school revolves around a small number of students, multiple ages, learning coaches or guides rather than lecturers, and a heavy emphasis on digital and project-based learning.

The school also has a blended style of learning. This type of learning is the integration of online courses with face to face instruction to provide a personal unique educational experience for each student.

spinx academy: group of kids in a classroom at a white board“The Sphinx Academy Purpose is to customize the educational experience for each student to best of our ability to ensure that they are all prepared for whatever comes next regardless of what path they may be on.”




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