Kentucky Republicans will cast their votes for candidates at the 2016 Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus on Saturday, March 5.

elephantVoting hours are 10 am – 4 pm. The voting process will be similar to other typical Kentucky elections. Voters show identification, sign in, and vote by secret ballot.

However, there will be a multitude of other Republicans within the central caucus location visiting tables for each of the presidential candidates participating. There may be a representative for each candidate who can answer questions. When voters are ready to cast their vote by secret ballot, they may move to the balloting area.

Voting locations may be different. To determine where to vote at the Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus on March 5, click here.

Most Hamburg residents will vote at the Northeast Christian Church location on 990 Star Shoot Parkway.

Voters must have been registered as Republican by December 31, 2015 to be able to vote.

Not all counties have chosen to hold a caucus. If you are registered to vote in one of the nine remaining counties, you will be part of a regional caucus in another county.

The March 5 caucus replaces the usual Republican presidential primary in May. By holding caucuses on March 5, Kentucky Republicans should be able to have more influence on the presidential race.

Primary elections for local, state, and Congressional races will still occur in May.

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